Mission and Vision

Our Vision

• To be a reputable and creditable institution producing high quality teacher at a competitive level in line with the national education philosophy.

• In developing an environment for personal growth, opportunity, knowledge, exposure, personal attention and career direction. This is in line with our nation's inspiration in building or generation of excellent professionals catering to knowledge based teaching community.

• The vision of our institution also is to become the leader in the nation is teacher training and around development which can to be actualized through :-

a) Becoming a resource center for educators who needs support their practice.
b) Providing an electronic database including all the workshop and seminars that will offered during future curriculum.
c) Providing export help in increasing social justice and student engagement in schools.

Our Mission

• To promote experience based learning for multifaceted development.
• To foster innovative and targetorierted integration of modern technology in education.
• To instill the spirit of enquiry through research.
• To educate and train a new generation of young niends in teaching practices and a passion for teaching with true academic temperament.
• Intellectual grooming of each student to be a pofentiol leader in the process of academic introductions.
• To teach beyond text books and rejuvenate the sprite of education.
• The mission of the teacher training institute also is to meet the curricular and reform needs of school through out the country and serve as :-
a) A center for continuing professional development for educators in laborious.
b) A link in a network between ___ educational institutions in Lebanon an region.